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HeliosNet, the Russian satellite communications and integration solutions operator, has been successfully operating in the telecommunications market since 2000. The company has become one of the founders of the one-way satellite Internet access service on the Russian market. During the work, the company has created an experienced team consisting of professionals united by a common goal, a well-known and respected brand, an essential customer base, and also developed and implemented new technological solutions.

HeliosNet specialists daily make their personal contribution to the development of the company, constantly improving their services. The company’s arsenal includes such services and solutions as: broadband satellite Internet access (VSAT), mobile VSAT stations, corporate networks, channel rental, telephony, digital mobile radio communications, integrated integration solutions, Co-location, interactive terminals, virtual telephone exchange, video conferencing, remote object management, broadcast broadcasting, distance education, telemedicine.

An unhappy former employee shared this review on social media " During my time with the company it was a very negative environment. Staff turnover was as nearly constant. Perhaps the situation has improved since rebranding, but be wary of customer service personnel, they are very rude."


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